Yoga & Power Plate™

If you’re an experienced yoga devotee looking to add a new dimension to your practice, you should try Power Plate™ – it will dramatically improve your flexibility, core strength and stability. With the help of a few props, you’re soon able to carry out most postures on the vibrating platform. The movement of the machine means you’re encouraged to work a lot deeper and stretch much further, your balance skills are put to the test and the detoxification benefits can be more intense than many floor-based postures. I’m not proposing that Power Plate™ takes over from traditional yoga, but I do believe you’ll be amazed at how your practice has progressed. Balancing postures are done effortlessly as you gain a feeling of lightness, core strength is enhanced and you feel you’re able to stretch that extra few extra inches. Personally, I see it as an opportunity to take yoga to the next level.