Power Plate™

Invented 40 years ago by Russian scientist Vladimir Nazarov, Power, Plate™ (or vibration training as it’s technically known) is a relatively new dimension in fitness. Essentially it’s a vibrating platform that causes the muscles in the body to rapidly contract, the upshot is that you can train every muscle group using almost all exercise variations but in a much shorter timeframe. In fact, 25 minutes of targeted exercise on the Power Plate™ can be the equivalent of about two hours in the gym. I work with the very latest Pro 5 model, which is the ultimate in vibration training.

Why Power Plate™?

Power Plate™ has the ability to change your body shape, with regular use the results are wide-ranging: increased strength and flexibility, dramatic inch-loss, improved aerobic capacity, better blood circulation, decreased cellulite, increased bone mineral density and faster post exercise recovery times. Power Plate™ is no passing celebrity-endorsed fad, it comes recommended by physiotherapists and is extremely effective for rehabilitating osteoporosis (early onset), multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease as well as arthritis sufferers. It’s also widely used post pregnancy to help new mums regain their figures, as well as their fitness levels and pelvic floor strength. Click here for more Power Plate™ success stories.