These days there’s an excessive amount of pressure to get back into shape just weeks after giving birth. While it’s good to regain your previous fitness levels, its important not to rush it.

Once you’ve had the six-week all-clear from your GP, you should be ready to start exercising. After a caesarean, it’s advisable that you listen to your body and wait until you feel well enough. It’s also fine to exercise whilst breast feeding.

I place a great deal of emphasis on assessment and consultation carrying out a series of simple tests to assess your core strength and pelvic floor awareness to ensure it’s safe for you to exercise. I’ll customise a fitness plan that suits you and the demands of being a mum. Whether you want some gentle yoga and meditation or a more demanding Power Plate™ schedule, I’ll help you find a solution that will soon have you feeling stronger, calmer and more energised. What’s more, I’m well set up if you want to bring your baby or toddler with you to our sessions, so there’s no need to worry about childcare, feeding rooms or places to heat up food and milk.


Yoga is excellent for new mums. As well as restoring the uterus, abdomen and pelvic floor, it can be extremely useful for relieving upper back tension and discomfort from breast-feeding. It’s also a wonderful chance to reconnect with your body – listening to and addressing its needs and regaining your confidence in its abilities.

Power Plate™

Power Plate™ is extremely beneficial postpartum. Not only can we focus on toning any problem areas, we can also work on your abdominal and back muscles which are likely to have become weakened through pregnancy and childbirth. Power Plate™ also does wonders for the pelvic floor and can be used to reduce cellulite, improve circulation and massage any sore areas at the end of the session.