My Philosophy

I’ve always been passionate about health, exercise and nutrition. Since competing as a teenager at county level cross-country and then studying Sport at Brunel University, I’ve embarked on a long and varied journey that’s taken me round the world. Yoga has played a huge role in that journey - so much so that I left my job as Group Director for a leading global advertising agency to embark on a sabbatical. This decision saw me swapping London for South India, living in an ashram and completing my first yoga teaching qualification. Since then it’s safe to say I’ve never looked back and have been continuously adding workshops, training techniques and therapies to my own wellness portfolio, as well as gaining qualifications from highly prestigious academies along the way.

Following the birth of my daughter Maya, I discovered the life-changing benefits of Power Plate™ (Vibration Training). I’m a huge advocate of this unique and revolutionary way of exercising. And when I began combining Power Plate™ and yoga, the results I experienced were remarkable. Not only did it help me regain my fitness levels and pre-pregnancy shape, it also improved my core strength, relieved lower back pain and made a dramatic difference to my yoga practice.

Along the way I’ve learnt that exercise alone simply isn’t enough to give you all-round vibrancy and wellbeing. Diet and nutrition play a crucial role. To get the body you’ve always dreamed of, you need to pay attention to what, when and how you eat. I’ve always been interested in scrutinising the latest health & wellbeing books, diets and therapies and have experienced first-hand the rejuvenating effects of cleansing, detoxing, colon hydrotherapy, juicing and elimination diets. My aim is to educate people how to eat properly, how to shop healthily and how to banish bad food habits forever.