New Disciplines in the Mix

10 December 2013



Garuda Barre & Garuda Foam Roller

I've been using a little downtime (if you can call it that) to get more qualifications under my belt and have become more acquainted with the Garuda Barre and Garuda Foam Roller, as devised by the renowned James D'Silva.

Never keen to follow the fitness crowd, my search for something to complement my teaching portfolio was found with the Garuda Barre method. A combination of ballet and yoga, with a bit of dance thrown in I really fell in love this method after my first class. It's not your typical bootcamp barre workout, it's much more in tune with the natural shape and movement of your body. The Garuda Barre workout uses the idea of pulling and pushing (against the barre) this method combines rigorous arm and leg work to establish length and strength in the body. The addition of resistance bands make for a fantastic upper body and core workout, and blend perfectly with the barre. I'm currently visiting James weekly at St John's Wood studio to practise more, with the aim of offering this wonderful workout to you once the new studio opens.

The Garuda Foam Roller workout is another brainchild from James D'Silva. You may have seen these rollers whilst at the physio or even the gym. They are primarily used to massage your fascia and tight spots, such as quads and glutes. The Garuda Foam roller looks the same but is much longer and wider, which makes for a perfect workout partner. Used in long, flowing movements across the whole body, it massages, releases tension and gets into places you never thought possible. You'll come away feeling more open, longer and generally less crunched up!

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